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all server entities and players are black



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      microsoft store automatically updated my game to 1.19.10 and this bug started happening so I will assume it is because of game update, anyone else confirming this in comments will be helpful (99% sure it is 1.19.10 and above)
      Issue: players and custom entities are black on multiplayer servers, player is also black in single player when ray tracing is on

      how to re produce bug:
      1. create a world that is ray tracing capable (or use a ray tracing rtx pack in your own world or join any server)
      2. try to find custom entities and other players (should be easy on first sight unless server is empty
      3. if in solo mode, use third person view to see yourself
      4. what you will see is (all custom mobs on servers) and players are completely black when you turn on ray tracing but look ok when you turn it off
      expected result: they shouldn't be black whether you use ray tracing or no
      I tried various rtx packs but all are black so i think this is a game bug caused by 1.19.10 and above (not sure about latest beta but someone confirming this in comments will be helpful too)

      I will attach pics
      mojang please fix your ray tracing, it is disappointing. thank you,


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