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Breaking 1 wooden door gives 2


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    • Tablet - iOS - iPad 2

      Today,When I Remove my wooden door to place on other places of my house,
      the only wooden door when break,it gave me 2. When I tried using the stone axe, it destroyed it.

      I thought that when a wooden door is break by me,it should only gave me 1 instead of 2 and when
      using the stone axe makes breaking the door faster than bare hands and not destroying it.

      I tried using 3 materials

      1.Stone Axe
      2.Iron Ingot
      3.Bare Hands
      The result was that when I am using the stone axe,the door disappear after breaking it.
      The other 2 when breaking the door,it gave me 2 doors instead of 1
      I am using iOS 4.3.3 on the iPad 2

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