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"Crosshair" and "touch" control schemes can't interact with hotbar if it's moved


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      The bug

      When using UI modifications to adjust the position of the hotbar in the HUD, it works perfectly fine with touch controls using the "classic" interaction model. You tap on the screen where the hotbar is and interact as intended.
      When using the "crosshair" or "touch" interaction models, this doesn't work. The only place you can tap on the screen is where the hotbar is by default, trying to interact with the hotbar just makes you punch.

      How to reproduce

      1. Download and open the attached world
      2. Use touch controls
      3. Set the interaction mode to "classic" in the settings
      4. Try to change hotbar slots
      It works fine
      5. Set the interaction mode to "crosshair" or "touch"
      6. Try to change hotbar slots
      You can't


      This means you can't open your inventory in the official Angry Birds®©™ marketplace map when using these touch controls!!! 🔥🔥😱😱

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