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Mangrove Roots mining speed not affected by tools or efficiency


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      Happening on Realm!

      Windows 10 and Xbox One:


      The mining speed of Mangrove Roots is not affected by tools, or enchanted tools, and mines the same speed as hand!


      1)  Grow a mangrove tree

      2)  Mine the roots by hand and notice the speed

      3)  Use an axe, pickaxe, hoe, and sword (or any tool) and notice the mining speed is the same as hand (very slow)

      4)  Enchant all of those tools with Efficiency V, or any other haste enchantment and mine the roots again with each tool!  Notice the mining speed is the same as with hand!


      All tools, even with enchantment, mine Mangrove Roots very slowly, and about the same or equal to the hand!

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