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Mangrove roots take too long to mine


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      As I watched pixlriffs video yesterday, who plays Java edition, he was able to mine the mangrove roots instantly with a efficiency 5 netherite axe. I tried to mine the roots with my diamond efficiency 5 axe and they take a lot longer to mine. They take longer to mine than the actual mangrove wood. This makes the process of mining the mangrove trees very time consuming. I tried using a diamond hoe with efficiency 4, as well as a pair of shears with efficiency 4 which all produced the same result as the efficiency 5 axe. I then tried my diamond sword which produced a slightly quicker result but no where near insta-mine results. For all of the items used that are listed above, excluding the sword, it took approximately the same time to mine the mangrove roots as it would mining deep slate with a diamond pick axe with no efficiency enchants. The sword produced the same mining time as a diamond pick with efficiency 3 mining deep slate would produce. These comparisons are a guesstimate. 

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