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Protection enchantment reduces the damage taken from a Sonic Boom attack


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      As of Minecraft: Java Edition 1.19 pre-release 3, the Warden's Sonic Boom attack now bypasses the damage reduction by armor enchantments such as Protection. However, in BE, the damage taken from the Sonic Boom attack is still reduced when the player has armor equipped with protection enchantments, breaking parity.

      To reproduce, start enchanting any type of armor with generic Protection (mostly IV) enchantment.

      2. Spawn a Warden that cannot melee attack the player (or just a Warden trapped by fences).
      3. Switch to survival mode and make the Warden get angry at you.
      4. Equip the protection-enchanted armor and get damaged by the Warden's Sonic Boom attack.

      Expected result
      The Warden's Sonic Boom attack bypasses the damage reduction provided by the Protection enchantment.

      Actual result
      The damage taken is reduced, making the Sonic Boom weaker and breaking parity.

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