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Enderman stop being hostile randomly


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      Currently in Minecraft Bedrock edition Enderman will randomly stop being hostile after teleporting. If you are hunting Enderman in the warped forest (or anywhere that spawns Enderman) when you attack an Enderman to make it hostile usually it will hit you once, teleport, and become passive again. This is not necessarily coursed by a lack of ‘line of sight’ as this still happenes in super-flat with blocks in the way. This bug is extremely annoying for any player attempting to progress further or just wants ender-pearls. This has been pointed out before but it still has not been fixed so I would like to point this out again because this is still a bug and is not outdated.


      to recreate: go into a super-flat creative world, give yourself appropriate gear to fight an Enderman and lots of spawn eggs, change game-mode to survival and spawn and fight the Enderman. When it teleports, look around to find it. After a few teleports, it his become passive indicated by the head lowering and it facing away.


      Other Notes: 1. sometimes this is caused by Enderman teleporting out of simulation distance if simulation distance is low. 2. This happens so often that I nearly got through an entire iron sword in the warped forest mostly only hitting Enderman without a single kill. This is not an irregular event and should be patched quickly. 3. This happens more often with fire aspect as the damage courses them to teleport more. 4. This happens on my single-player IPad worlds and also happens to people I know playing on other IPads and computers. Because of this I believe this not to be exclusive to certain devices, I believe this is universal. 5. I’m not sure the exact versions this applies to but I know this is happening in the latest version and a few previous versions.


      A video will not be added due to the max file size limit. Although I can’t show you this, I have created a guide to replicate this.

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