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Piston arm animation is inconsistent and choppy


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      The smoothness of the piston animation is inconsistent. Sometimes it's smooth; sometimes it's not.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Place a piston/sticky-piston and put a button or lever on it.
      2. Activate the piston with the button/lever.

      The observed result:

      Here, I uploaded 2 recordings:

      • The first one shows laggy animation. The piston looks like it's skipping some frames. Minecraft 2022-05-17 17-33-36.mp4
      • The second video is recorded after I reloaded the world. The piston animation is smoother. But, as pointed out, the piston arm still travels different amounts of pixels for each frame. And also, extension/retraction takes 4 frames in total, which is kind of too little. Minecraft 2022-05-17 17-37-41.mp4

      The expected result:

      The piston arm, when piston is powered/un-powered, should always travel the same distance with the same velocity, consistently. It should also be given more than just 4 frames to do so.


      Important note

      This issue is not MCPE-146597 which is about the animation of the block that's being moved by the piston.

      This issue is about the piston's arm animation.


      Additional information

      My PC is an Excalibur (Casper) g770 laptop. It has a dedicated Nvidia graphics card and an Intel Core i5 10th Gen processor, so my computer is in no way a low end device.

      Only the default resource pack / behavior pack is running and no extra modification to the has been applied whatsoever.  

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