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Custom Items, tags and block tags don't work in minecraft:digger component anymore


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    • Preview, 1.19.40
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      Tags like minecraft:is_axe, shovel or hoe don't work anymore to give custom tools functionality like vanilla tools (axe, shovel, hoe).

      Custom items with minecraft:digger component don't take any block tags into consideration when used like in this example:

      "minecraft:digger": {
             "destroy_speeds": [{
      	    "block": {"tags":"q.any_tag('stone','metal','diamond_pick_diggable')"},
                  "speed": 8}]}

      Before 1.19 beta/preview it was working corectly.
      After 1.19 custom item tags and tags from minecraft:digger component didn't work anymore.

      Steps to reproduce
      Create a behavior pack use the amethyst_pickaxe.json item create a new world mine minecraft:stone notice that the speed is not affected and the block will not drop anything.

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