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Darkness Effect does not function correctly with Ray Tracing


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      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Open any world with Ray Tracing on using a ray tracing compatible resource pack
      2. Give yourself the Darkness status effect through a command or through proximity with a Warden

      Observed Results:

      With Ray Tracing on, the Darkness effect only exhibits a distance-based black fog around the player. Daylight can be observed to leak through this fog and affect the visuals of the surrounding blocks, and the skybox can be seen through any water. The overall brightness of the world remains the same, unlike the effect seen when Ray Tracing is off.

      Expected Results:

      The Darkness effect should be as close to full functionality without Ray Tracing as seen with Ray Tracing turned on. Daylight should not leak through the fog, and water should not show the skybox. The world brightness should also be affected in the same way as seen without Ray Tracing.

      To achieve the same visuals with respect to world brightness with Ray Tracing on, the Exposure Modifier Ev setting should be decreased and increased in sync with how the effect controls brightness without Ray Tracing on. This would be a near perfect solution that would bring the effect to its full functionality with Ray Tracing on.

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