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Using Silk Touch on Sculk Related Blocks always drops Experience


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      Using a Silk Touch enchanted Hoe on a Sculk Related Block (Such as Sculk, Sculk Sensors, and Sculk Shriekers) will always drop experience, even if the item is mined and replaced.


      How to Replicate

      First, make sure you are using a Silk Touch Hoe. Then, place either Sculk, Sculk Sensor, or Sculk Shrieker. (It is unknown whether or not this works with Sculk Catalysts or Sculk Veins.)

      After this, mine the Sculk block using the Silk Touch Hoe. This will drop both the Sculk block and Experience.

      Placing the Sculk block afterwards, then mining the Sculk block again, will still drop both the Sculk block and the Experience, generating a portable infinite source of Experience.

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