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      I bought the bedrock for my switch becose i wanted it badly, then i joined a server did a lot in there, and it has shop signs in thre and when i write on sign people included admins saying they cant see text on signs only who sees is me, when i join back all text is gone or even sooner, so i cannot use shops whatsoever, my friend does on pc same think it works in seconds, i cant no matter what i do all signs are disappeared even tho its not a shop. same think i did on caves i put depths on those sign writed mean and after i came back they blank like what why this isnt fixed still i payd 30 euros and to be honest if i would know this i would not bought the game can i get a refund so i can buy minecraft on pc thanks! never been so disappointed i love minecraft but i loved to play ps5 minecraft and thought that i can buy on my switch but doesnt work

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