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Sculk Sensor doesn't detect movement over small blocks


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      Steps to Reproduce:

      Place any block from the list over:

      • A solid block;
      • A wool block;
      • Itself (if possible);
      • Floating (if possible).
        Place a sculk sensor nearby;
        Walk over all of the previously placed blocks to check for vibrations.

      Observed Results:
      The sensor will not detect a vibration when you walk over the one that is placed on top of wool.

      Expected Results:
      Any block with a collision is accounted for step detection.

      Blocks affected (may be incomplete):

      • Moss carpet
      • Redstone Repeater
      • Redstone Comparator
      • Any type of closed trapdoor
      • Brewing Stand (only on the bottom platform)
      • Piston Arm
      • Sticky Piston Arm
      • Small Amethyst Bud

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