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Positional selectors in commands select players in all dimensions


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      If you have commands using positional player selectors like r= or x=/dx=, they now apply regardless of dimension after 1.18.10. This breaks some systems on our realm, and also breaks a way I had previously used to tag players by dimension (r=some high number)

      Steps to reproduce

      1) Create a ticking area in the overworld at 0,0

      2) Place a repeating command block with the command /tell @a[r=200] In Range

      3) Go to the nether at 0,0

      4) You will see the In Range messages


      Expected Behavior: You shouldn't see the In Range messages



      This applies to both command blocks AND normal commands (I previously thought it didn't apply to normal commands, but realized I did the test wrong before)

      Using execute to make an entity do the command instead, to try to have the range selector use its range and dimension was NOT successful, it still executed in all dimensions

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