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tropical fish material is not working for player


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      I am trying to use tropical fish material because it offers

      1. Alpha test
      2. color mask
      3. multi texture

      But a problem is that when it is used on player then


       if minecraft:color is set to 0 then

          everything is fine

      if minecraft:color is set to 1 or something then

          index 0 texture becomes completely invisible.

           I was able to fix this complete invisibility by removing alpha test

           but I want ability of transparency.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Load world with addon
        1. It should set tropical fish material to player
        2. the player must be using two texture in render controllers. like that of tropical fish
        3. you must alter minecraft:color and minecraft:color2 values in BP to see effects.
      2. Set minecraft:color to non zero value to see bug

       The index 0 texture becomes completely invisible when minecraft:color is not 0

      What should really happen
      The index 0 texture should not become invisible. And it should apply minecraft:color correctly.

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