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Aquatic mobs that can walk on land can't pathfind over a few blocks


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      Drowneds, turtles, frogs, and axolotls (aquatic mobs that can also walk on land) fail to pathfind over enchanting tables, End portal frames, lecterns, chests, bells, cauldrons, pointed dripstone, brewing stands, composters, horizontal lightning rods, horizontal end rods, and horizontal grindstones. The attached worlds may be helpful in confirming this.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Open a test world(MCPE-152043.mcworldis the newest)
      2. Set the time to night if it is not already
      3. Place down one of the blocks specified
      4. Spawn a drowned on top of the block
      5. Spawn a villager near the drowned

      Observed Results:
      Drowned fails to chase the villager and remains stationary until pushed off of the block.

      Expected Results:
      Drowned should dismount the block and target the villager.

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