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Observers can get locked/frozen


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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Open https://drive.google.com/file/d/13jt6Q8lNfqEpv00UiID-jEmR12wDF6gF/view?usp=sharing
      2. Enable cheats/creative mode so you can teleport near the affected coordinates.
      3. Examine the observers at -249, 30, -983 and -233, 30, 996.

      Expected results

      The observers detect the changing piston or any other block change in front of them. If you break the stuck observer and place down a new one in the same spot it should work.

      Observed results

      The observers do not react to anything. If you break and replace them, the new observers still do not work.

      in the last update, some of my observers, stop their block update, if i move these observers, they work properly, but if I return them to the original position, they stop working again.

      They dont detect block updates in with the new update. 

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