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Game crashes and closes when switching map out of off-hand to inventory while in crafting table


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      Iphone XR running 14.8.1, using a controller. Bedrock of course. Updated to 1.18 a few days ago on the device, and also in realm. Not sure if this existed in 1.17, hadn't been creating new maps for a while waiting for update.

      Carrying a map in offhand. Open crafting table with goal to duplicate another copy of existing map.
      Changed view of equipped items and inventory like in screenshots attached, to get map from offhand to inventory. When highlighting map in offhand, if I hit "Y" button (equivalent of shift-click to move stack of any item back and forth from inventory to hot bar or similar), the game immediately crashes to home screen on device. Have to restart Minecraft. Wasn't able to recreate yet on windows device, as it doesn't let me see equipped armor/offhand item while clicked into a crafting table.

      First found on a realm while playing, recreated multiple times. Seems I can click on map in offhand and manually move to inventory, just crashes when using Y button like shift click to jump it over to first available slot.  I was able to recreate in creative mode on a regular world directly on the device as well. Created new creative world. Made level 4 map and put it in offhand. Click onto crafting table, view offhand/armor slots. Y button to move from offhand to inventory, crashes immediately.

      When I reload back into world I am exactly where I left off with all items as expected, so game seems to save changes up until the moment of the crash.

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