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Problems with loading block textures when teleporting by height to a part in an unloaded chunk


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      During teleportation in height in one chunk from one loaded part (with blocks) to another, block textures may not be loaded if:

      • The player (player camera) does not cross the boundaries of the chunk.
      • The player (player camera) does not cross the height in multiples of 16.
      • In one of the adjacent chunks there are blocks (in the loading zone).
      • The player does not change the draw distance.
      • The player does not reload the world.

      That is, if you follow the rules above, your textures after teleportation will never be loaded, no matter what you do. You can see block selection, break blocks, but textures won't load.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Build a platform at a height (I advise you to use around Y = 319).
      2. [optional step] Place any block in an adjacent chunk.
      3. Build a teleportation spot at the bottom of the world (height -60 can be used).
      4. Set the draw distance to a small one (preferably no more than 15).
      5. Teleport between one built location and another (ex: /tp ~ 321 ~; /tp ~ -63 ~).

      A world to simplify reproduce: MCBEDROCK.mcworld

      Observed results:
      The textures of all blocks are not loaded if you follow the playback steps and do not perform the actions described in the summary.

      Expected results:
      Textures should load correctly when teleporting in height.

      Minecraft 2021-12-04 20-34-48.mp4

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