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      The one glitch that started after the new world update is, its almost impossible to place any block/item and have it stay. This link here is a short video of me trying to place a furnance and it disappears within a second after its place.IMG-0363.MOV This happens with all blocks and I find that things move and load very slow and glitchy. If you travel from one spot to another quickly in creative, it takes up to 2-3 minutes for everything to catch up to even be able to open a chest or click into a furnace. Another big problem is the rail carts moving slow or even pausing completely for up to 5-8 seconds. When the carts stop, the player curser does not freeze and you're still able to look around and exit the cart while the cart has stopped. Unfortunately the file size to attached is 10mb so I cannot upload a video of those. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game twice and nothing has got better. I do find that when updates come through, more glitches appear.

      I am wondering if I could get some assistance or an explanation to why the game is glitching so bad. 

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