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"update!" block particles are produced when landing on blocks being moved by pistons


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    • 0.15.0 Beta build 1, 0.15.4, 0.15.6, 0.16.2, 1.0.0,,
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      I'm using MYPHONEMY27 Android phone.

      If you fall from a high-enough height, and land on an EXTENDED PISTON HEAD, "Update Block" particles come out instead of something like wood particles. I think this works as intended but I hope they'll reconsider it.
      Screenshots and explanations further down the description. Please don't hesitate to ask me
      I discovered this when I tried to make something useful out of Observers. The particles would likely appear when this contraption is used. I recommend you build and use it

      When done, flick the lever on and the pistons should start working.

      In the last screenshot, the slime block was still loading so the system took the piston head as the "cushion" instead.

            Swiftie! pls
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