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Seed parity for random seeds only works in one direction


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      During the Minecraft Live event seed parity was explained. The scenario given was a that Java player can generate a random world and that seed can be given to a bedrock player and they will get the same world. I realise this likely only covers biomes, terrain etc.

      As at, seed parity for worlds with a random seed only works when going from Bedrock to Java. Ie a Bedrock player can generate a world with a random seed and give that seed to a Java player.

      If a Java player generates a random world and gives that seed to a Bedrock player, the bedrock player gets a completely different world.

      (see https://youtu.be/w6zLprHHZOk?t=3265 54:26 - 54:38)

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. In java (latest snapshot) create a new world, leaving the seed field blank.
      2. Once in that world use the /seed command to get the seed for the world.
      3. Launch Bedrock Beta
      4. Create a new world with the seed from java

      Observed Results:
      The worlds have completely different biomes and terrain.

      Expected Results:
      The worlds should have very similar biomes and terrain

      I realise this side of seed parity might simply not have been implemented yet. I figured it would turn up in one of the betas at some stage. Now that 1.18 is at the pre-release stages I'm worried this may have been overlooked.

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