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Client and server crash due to stuck player position



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      After playing a while on a vanilla Bedrock Server (Linux), my player got stuck in some water and disconnected. After that, I am unable to resume play on any client, Windows 10, Android 8 or custom Linux client (mcpelauncher).

      Upon login, I am unable to see any blocks (light blue screen, see attachment). Other players found my player and described it as being transparent and unresponsive. I cannot move the player, nor access inventory or perform any other actions.

      I tried issuing the /kill and /tp console commands which appear to work (killing/respawning and moving my players position), but nothing changes with the player's broken state. This was the case for both the Android and Windows 10 clients. After a while, both clients hang and become unresponsive. On Windows, the entire machine hangs with excessive disk I/O and must eventually be hard rebooted.

      At one point I was attached to the server and saw the output below in the log. The server was running in a Docker container.

      [INFO] Package: com.mojang.minecraft.dedicatedserver
      OS: Linux
      Server start: 2021-11-11 19:15:42 UTC
      Dmp timestamp: 2021-11-11 19:27:32 UTC
      Upload Date: 2021-11-11 19:27:32 UTC
      Session ID: 0c21ddf9-3399-4798-b765-abdec13fdd74
      Commit hash: acc2f92abaaeeaac31618942103e410b5305a3fc
      Build id: 7568584
      CrashReporter Key: fe5f7e98-77f1-33e4-af59-40b8dd000754

      [INFO] at clone (UnknownFile:?)
      Failed to open curl lib from binary, use libcurl.so instead
      f8b7accc-4602-4422-9893-cca49fa95d58DEBU[0711] Forwarding signal signal="child exited"

      As it stands, I'm unable to play in this world at all now, and I have no more ideas for how to remedy the situation.




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