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Horse riding problem after logging back into the world with an Elytra on


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    • Beta, 1.18.30
    • Beta, 1.17.41 Hotfix
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      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Tame a horse and equip it with a saddle
      2. Equip elytra
      3. Mount the horse
      4. Reload the world
      5. Press or hold the jump button

      Observed Results:
      The player starts gliding with the elytra.

      Expected Results:
      The player should not start gliding with the elytra.

      Original Description:
      I sink into the horse/get into a flying position when I try to get the horse to jump. This bug happens after I join my world after leaving it while sitting on a horse. My elytra is on.

      I have a screen recording of this bug attached below.

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