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Some problem with Xbox live login (Crashes after a minute)


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    • Resolution: Fixed
    • 0.15.4
    • 0.15.0 Beta build 1, 0.15.0
    • Unconfirmed
    • Tablet - Android - Lenovo A7

      There is some kind of problem when I start playing mcpe on my survival or creative world. The problem appears in the form of a crash after every minute or so. The reason I say it is related to Xbox live is that when I shut off WiFi, the game runs properly. I hope this problem gets fixed soon.

      Update by kaleb418:
      This bug appears to be related to MCPE crashing if not logged in properly to Xbox Live. Wait ~15 seconds, then let us know if that fixes your problem.

      Update by rplatham:
      Please remove all 3rd party mods for minecraft, all 3rd party texture packs and any non-native app stores through which Minecraft may have been downloaded. If you're still crashing, disconnect your device from any network (i.e. airplane mode or disable wifi, cellular, ethernet, etc.) and try again. If you're still crashing, comment on MCPE-14125 - the issue is likely unrelated to xbl login. If you're not crashing when launching the game outside a network then, you've found the right ticket: please provide your device make and model, operating system and version. If you're running a desktop PC, add your graphics card make, model and driver version.

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