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Goats don't spawn properly in jagged and frozen peaks biome, caused by missing biome tag on biomes JSON


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      The jagged and frozen peaks biome doesn't have its own biome tag in the JSON files, which caused the goats not to spawn properly. By adding its own biome tag such as jagged_peaks:{} and frozen_peaks:{} on their respective biome, goats will spawn properly.

      How the biome tag should look like:
      Frozen Peaks:

            "mountains": {},
            "monster": {},
            "overworld": {},
            "frozen_peaks": {}

      Jagged Peaks:

            "mountains": {},
            "monster": {},
            "overworld": {},
            "jagged_peaks": {}

      The following attachment is the current biome JSON file, which does not have its own biome tag.

      Just to make sure, here are the steps to repro the bug:
      1. Find a jagged or frozen peaks biome. Make sure it is not generated next to a snowy slopes biome.
      2. Check if there are any goats spawning there by using /tp @s @r[type=goat]

      Expected Result
      The goats spawns in frozen peaks and jagged peaks.

      Observed Result
      No goats spawning in the frozen and jagged peaks biome, instead you get teleported on snowy slopes where the goats can spawn or not teleported at all.

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