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Quits when removing armor (chestplate)


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      App Quits when trying to remove armor.


      Playing LG velvet android 10 with Xbox one controller Bluetooth connected,  when trying to remove an armor piece, this case a gold chest plate or gold helmet, using the Y button on controller the app quits to homescreen of android 10 device. This only happens when using controller not with touch screen. Does not happen when picking item and moving into storage. Dies not happen when newly placed armor is removed with Xbox one controller Y button. This only seems tonhappen when removing item from player character when using loaded data from previous version of app.
      When reentering app all things seems to be saved as if normal exit process happened; character is in same location and time of day. But all of the armor in players storage is gone, in case it was a full set of iron without getting ingots back. The armor from save is still on place.

            Gr33nl1t3 Matthew C Bynum
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