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Command Block Set With Delay On Tick Does Not Work Properly With Redstone



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      This update changes how the commands work with a tick on the delay portion, especially on impulse command blocks. When applying a tick delay to those command blocks to make sure those commands delay when the redstone, either by a comparator, repeater, or wire, is active, the command block does not register unless the redstone is happening until the delay becomes set.

      How to reproduce:

      1. Get any command block via chat console, use command "/give" to give yourself a command block, or pick block a random command block lying around without using any advanced pick block. If you have a set command block with a tick delay, then use that as your experiment.
      2. Set the command block down, and add a random command block that can make the command noticeable.
      3. Set a delay to any tick.
      4. Try doing a standard input (make sure it's either impulse, can be a repeat command block, as long as your "Execute On First Tick" is off [on by default]) by placing any redstone connection to the command block. Do not extend it to the delay, and the activation should be immediate.

      By this, you can already tell something is off regarding the input and the delay not being automatic but switched to manual. The command blocks a total intake to get the delay fully active and for the order to be involved.

      5. Now, do an extended input, meaning-making the redstone is active entirely until that command is active.

      Observed Results:

      • The command block does not work appropriately with redstone in terms of having a tick delay. Instead, it requires a total redstone input to have the command activated, which is a bad change since it limits the command output.

      Expected Results:

      • The command should work regardless of any input from redstone regarding the tick delay. Any form of tick delay should not be limited by extended use of any redstone input. In previous versions, the redstone can be immediate without any ample input.


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