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Deepslate Copper Ore doesn't generate naturally in 1.18 beta


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      In the latest beta of beta, the ore distribution has changed for copper ore to match Java, which means it can generate below y=0 to y=16. However, when exploring and removing all deepslate around, deepslate copper ores don't seem to generate at all.

      Like MCPE-143902, this is most likely because the replace_rules doesn't include the deepslate block to be replaced by.

      Step to Reproduce
      1. Go below y=0 on deepslate layer (preferably in a dripstone cave).
      2. Try to clear the deepslate and tuff around using these commands, and put it on a repeating command block:
      /execute @p ~~~ fill 10~10~10 -10-20-10 air 0 replace deepslate
      /execute @p ~~~ fill 10~10~10 -10-20-10 air 0 replace tuff

      Observed Result
      No deepslate copper ores can be found.

      Expected Result
      Deepslate copper ores can be found.

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