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Text on signs is disappearing.


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      Having a issue with signs is not being able to be read any more. They look ok while being typed but as soon as your done you can read it but no one else can see it. Now say you type thanks on a sign, looks ok, yet no one but you can read it. You save and quit, log right back on and it's blank Old signs that have been up for a number of weeks now some of them are blank as well. They have or had writing on them for some time now but the text can not be seen by any one any more. PC does not seem to have this issue you can see what has been typed by your self and text does not disappear but no one else can read it. Only time text is disappearing on PC is when a sign has been typed out and you try to apply a dye or ink sacs the writing vanishes from your view.  What can be done to make signs work correctly again because issue seems to cross iOS , Android, switch and PC can't say for the others put in pretty sure they are having issues to.

            Spacebawlz Michael Martinez
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