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Keyboard issues on Win 10 Insider builds



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      Minecraft Windows 10 Edition appears to not respond well to keyboard input on latest Windows 10 insider builds. You have to hit keys twice for them to perform an action, and when they do they sometime get stuck moving forward, backwards, etc without any keys pressed. Even the ESC key to bring up the menu takes several clicks to actually have the menu appear. The game seems to be running fast, it just isn't responding to the keyboard. The mouse seems to be working fine. I experience this same behavior in single player (both survive and creative) as well as multiplayer. I've also seen this in version 14.1 but it seems like it was introduced with the installation of the insider preview win 10 builds.

      I have tried this on a PC with the latest Windows 10 fast ring insider build (14332.r1_release.160422-1940)
      as well as on a Surface Pro 3 on a Win 10 build 14316. I have tried different keyboard settings in Minecraft without any luck. Right now the game is unplayable with a keyboard.

      I have seen a few other keyboard related bugs but nothing recent, open, or directly related to this issue. Let me know if you need anymore detail.


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