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Minecraft signs and book's problems


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      So there is a problem that is very very enoying. So it started with signs, when you make them glow with glow ink sacs it makes a bit of legg and if you have to many of them it lags and if you look thirds them your frames lower and it's the reason I don't use them while I need them and now since 1.17.30 it got even worse. Now if I make one it won't be visible to others and when I change it with due or glow ink sacs it goes away for me two and also when rejoining. With book the same type of thing is happening, if I write and close the book the text goes away I I sign it tuns back into a book and quil and the text is also gone. I once managed to get text into it and I put it on a lectern but my friends coulda see it... and for last thing, if I skip rows and reopen the book or sign it it will remove the skips and puts a space there. I know this is allot of text but if someone can contact me to have a call it would be Perfect 👍🏽        By: FadiHofman

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