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Excessive memory usage causing


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      Bedrock Edition server hosted with aternos.org crashes due to excessive memory usage when server is turned on.

      Contacted Aternos and told that "there is a bug in the Bedrock edition causing it to use more memory" and to "report it to Mojang". They have said that the memory problem is caused by a bug and that the server is not really responding.

      Server is on paper and only has one player sleep plug-in.

      Log: https://mclo.gs/nhnBeXz

      1 NO LOG FILE! - setting up server logging...
      2 [2021-10-03 20:11:46:406 INFO] Starting Server
      3 [2021-10-03 20:11:46:406 INFO] Version
      4 [2021-10-03 20:11:46:406 INFO] Session ID f4366dbe-3842-41d1-a25e-dc39d94d0b2b
      5 [2021-10-03 20:11:46:406 INFO] Level Name: world
      6 [2021-10-03 20:11:46:419 INFO] Game mode: 0 Survival
      7 [2021-10-03 20:11:46:419 INFO] Difficulty: 3 HARD
      8 [INFO] opening worlds/world/db
      9 [2021-10-03 20:12:03 ERROR] [Aternos System]: Server crashed because it ran out of memory. Try reducing the load to avoid crashes like this in the future.


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