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Other players appear laggy when they move (Choppy motion)



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      The motion of other players on others' screens is very janky and choppy, usually updating at around an inconsistent 24 fps for position, and roughly around 38 fps for the animation of the player, though it still varies tremendously. (This was tested in the attachment, bugreport1). While in Java Edition, the players' motion updates every visible frame. I'm running the game at around 300 fps, and me and my friend (who was walking with an interesting skin in the first section of the attachment) have good internet speeds. Some servers that involve PVP games and such use community/personally-made server softwares to fix this issue so the overall experience doesn't feel as low-quality/janky. Though, when I tested this through local multiplayer (LAN) instead of a server or normal multiplayer, sometimes it was actually smooth and no choppy motion. (It will be shown near the end of the attachment).  Also once in a while, regular multiplayer can still appear players as smooth too, but that's once every blue moon to be honest. Honestly, I really don’t know the definitive factor between when a player’s movement is completely smooth, and when it isn’t. The owner of a world does seem to have a higher likelihood of having perfectly smooth movement. If this were fixed, I feel that pretty much everyone that plays multiplayer, whether it's a realm, a server, or just a friends' world, would notice a difference, and really like it better. This has been an issue in Bedrock for as long as I remember. The game would feel overall better especially for players like me, since I'm in to mechanics-based map making (PVP, movement, etc).

      If the community can fix it multiple times, than so can y’all.




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