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Minecraft won't load after update to 1.17.30



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      We have 2 x Kindle Fire HD 10 (7th generation) tablets and my 2 sons both regularly play Minecraft on them (downloaded from the Amazon store).

      Minecraft has stopped loading mmediately following the 1.17.30 update on both devices.

      When you go to start Minecraft you initially see the red Mojang splash screen and then the display goes black for a few seconds before crashing out back to the main Android launcher screen.

      I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Minecraft from the devices but the same problem occurs.

      I've also checked that the OS is on the latest version.

      I've also removed all parent controls to see if any restrictions were causing any problems.

      Scanning through existing issues it looks like a few people are reporting this problem, see:

      Which all look related - I didn't get much further than scanning the first few search results but this confirms that this looks to be a relatively pervasive problem.

      It looks like a few issues are automatically being resolved based on automatic crash reports, but it would be good to get an update as to whether this problem is now understood an being addressed so I'd appreciate a human response on this issue if this gets triaged.

      If there's any additional information I can provide to assist in diagnosing the problem then please let me know as my kids are itching to play the latest update and are very sad at the moment!




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