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Ravagers do not get pushed off of ledges by flowing water


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      Ravagers will not exit flowing water when it is pushed by the flowing water can will instead continue to float on the very edge of the 8th flowing water block. Breaks automatic raid farms. The ravagers also swim freely against water streams and refuse to fall when on the edge of the flowing water. Ravagers are able to fall into 2x2 holes because their hitboxes allow them to, but they just get caught on the water stream.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Place water on the floor next to a wall and let the water flow to its max
      2. Make a 2x2 hole at the end of the water (so that mobs can fall)
      3. Spawn ravager in water

      Observed Results:
      Ravager does not fall and instead hovers at the very edge of the water stream

      Expected Results:
      Ravager should fall into the hole

      One other thing I noticed while testing is that when ravagers swim along flowing water at all, they will refuse to exit it even if there is land they can walk on directly outside the water. Also, while swimming, they are able to completely avoid magma blocks under the flowing water, which should normally damage them. Ravager1.mov Ravager2.mov Ravager3.mov Ravager4.mov (Pardon the poor quality of the pictures and videos)

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