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Book and Quill Ignoring New Line (pressing enter)



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      Every time I am writing in a book and quill, if I don't finish the line but am wanting to go to the next line, I will press enter and move to the next line and start typing however, when I exit the book and re-enter it later on, even if it is seconds after closing, it would have squished my writing an ignored my skipped lines.


      Photos for reference. Pic 1 is just after typing and pic 2 is after re-entering the book. I don't know why it does this but it is annoying.


      Keeping in note, this happens only the majority of the time for me, when it does happen, it is not always all pages, it will usually be only some, I have come to notice that the pages it des happen to will be filling most of the page where as the ones it doesn't occur to only fills half the page if even that.


      Recently tested on creative private world (as opposed to small realm) and had no issues so whether it only effect survival or realms, unsure.


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