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Wither visuals don't function properly with Ray Tracing


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      In the second stage of fighting the Wither boss (when It's at Half health points) some moving Lines appear around it (without ray tracing), which is a part of It's visual, but this doesn't function with RT turned on.

      The wither at half HP:

      in this stage the lines have an animation/they move while with ray tracing It all becomes a blocky mess.
      The Wither at Half HP with Ray tracing:

      Steps to Re-produce:

      1. Enter a Ray tracing enabled world or activate a pbr resource pack in your own world
      2. Summon a wither boss
      3. Take it to half HP
      Observed results: Wither texture is broken with ray tracing on.
      Expected results: It should look similar or better to how it is with ray tracing turned off & animations should be present.

      additional info: this only affects second stage of the wither, before half hp

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