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Redstone torch burnout bug


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    • 0.14.3
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      Ok so I'm not gonna even try and understand this bug, but here's how to reproduce it:

      Set it Up:

      1. Place any block on the ground. Place one redstone dust on top of it.
      2. Place 4 blocks on the sides of the redstone dust, so that they are floating but diagonal from the original block.
      3. Place 4 redstone torches on the sides of the original block. The redstone torches should continue to blink rapidly.

      Make it Easier to Observe:

      4. Make a trail of redstone dust from one of the torches to an iron door.
      5. The iron door should be opening/closing rapidly.

      Finish and Create the Bug:

      6. Place down a redstone torch literally anywhere in the same world. You should still be able to see the door, however.
      7. Dig up the torch. The door will stop!
      8. Place the torch down again. The door will start opening/closing again!

      Incredibly weird, am I right? Use the screenshots if you need help with the setup.


      This bug is caused by the redstone torch causing all other redstone torches to burn out.

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