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when using the spyglass it will disappear from my hand and then proceed to fly around the map while spinning


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      so. this is an issue so far on realms and multiplayer worlds and I have not tested single player but when you get a spyglass from gamemode c nothing happens but when you use the spyglass then after using the spyglass just hold it in your hand it will not be there and you can see the spyglass start flying around your screen while spinning and will glitch through terrain.

      i can only laugh when i think about this bug.

      (UPDATE: the clip I sent is the same bug but I could only capture the part where its spinning and flying around the map and not where its glitching through terrain)

      1. if you use the spyglass again it will... restart the bug? its like an animation and when you use the spyglass it restarts the bug

      2. when I say use when I refer to spyglass I mean like zoom in with the scope.

      3. i did try to take a screen shot but it the spinning spyglass moves off my screen before i can get the program up.

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