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Dropper Randomizer Not Working


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      Im trying to make a randomizer in MCPE and am trying to use the same simple system as many randomizers use in MCPC (a dropper facing up into a hopper facing down) and it dose not work at all. In MCPC when the dropper is powerd it sends a random item to the hopper witch pulses into a comparator and sends a short redstone signal based on the random item (stack size) it outputs.

      How it currently works in game is the item that is sent into the hopper is ALWAYS the first item in the dropper, not random like in MCPC and this makes randomizers impossible to make as it will always be the same no matter what.

      In the pictures I show the system that im using to attempt to create a randomizer and the items im using to attempt to get the lamp to light up. I cant show this in picture but whenever the button is pressed no matter what the item sent to the hopper is the Redstone dust not any of the other items.

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