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The chunks around the border of a xbox 360 world converted to Bedrock revert back to how they were on the 360.



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      After synching an old xbox 360 world, I started to notice that chunks that would have been the border on the 360, (chunks along the x and z axis 432 and -432) were fine during my first visit but upon returning later, some of them had reverted back to what they were on the 360.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Synch a world created on the Xbox 360 but not played on Xbox One Edition.
      2. Turn render distance to 4 chunks (Not required, but makes problem present itself more quickly)
      3. Travel along the full length of any of the x or z borders at 432 or -432, then return back to where you started.

      Expected Behavior
      Old 360 border chunks made to blend with the newly generated        chunks, and remain that way.

      Observed Behavior
      Old 360 border chunks blended with the newly generated chunks upon the first visit, but when revisited they have a chance of being reverted back to what they were on the Xbox 360.

      Images provided show the same position on the map, one on the 360 version, and two on on Xbox one showing different results with the same world.

      Also interacting with the chunks, mining a block or placing one, even firing an arrow into it will stop it from reverting.

       After some additional testing I have found this problem also extends itself to worlds created on Xbox one edition. So if you need to test this, there  is no need to create a world on the 360 first.


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