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Local wifi tablet crashes when opening chest and tablet does not let iphone join server



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    • Phone - iOS - iPhone 5


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      Iphone5 host a game on 5.0 never had issues. After update opening any chest when a android tablet 7.0, the game crashes for the tablet. Happens to almost all chest, some work for a while but then also occurs very annoying. Also if tablet host a game, iphone 5 loads map but get disconnected leaving nothing but the default world open
      What I expected to happen was...:
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      No crash at opening chest and tablet should be able to host games properly just as version 5.0
      What actually happened was...:
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      Instead it crashes and lets tablet never host any games
      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Host a game on iphone5
      2. Let tablet join
      3.place chest with iphone 5
      4. Tablet must open it
      5. Freezes and then crashes
      For tablet host
      1 tablet host game
      2. Iphone 5 joins
      3. Iphone 5 sees map
      4. A little while later iphone 5 gets message disconnected server
      5. Tablet goes to spawn and either way iphone 5 was never seen on game


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