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Goat's high jump is not affected by the jump boost effect


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      When the goat having the jump boost effect, the high jump is still the same height as when the goat are not affected by it. This isn't in parity with Java Edition, which was fixed in 1.17.1.

      Step to Reproduce
      1. Use the world attached to test it out. (Disclaimer: the jump cooldown has been modified to reduce the cooldown time in this world, don't get confused)
      2. Spawn a goat to test how high it goes without any effects.
      3. Spawn another goat with the effects, see how high it goes compared without the effects.

      Expected Results
      The goat with jump boost effect should jump much higher to get out.

      Observed Results
      The goat with jump boost effect jump at the same height as without having the effect.

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