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iPad Pro crash on turning (not on iPad Mini)



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 0.14.0
    • Fix Version/s: 0.15.4
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      Tablet - iOS - iPad Pro


      On iPad Pro, intermittent but frequent crash, typically when turning away from something in proximity of large number of mobs (eg near an XP farm by a spawner, herd of cows etc) and/or on slabs or other half-height blocks (eg a chest buried and half-visible in a floor made of slabs).

      The same map does not seem to have the crash when run for a similar period of time on an iPad mini (both running 14.0 and on iOS 9.2.1). The map was transferred via iMazing and near-identical actions performed on both (ie go to a location, gather wheat, go to feed cows, turn away). The differences are eg walking across a field diagonally, where the route might not have been absolutely identical.

      This is not reliably reproducible but seems to happen in the same location frequently. There are several locations in this map that are reliably untrustworthy, but it does not seem to be a specific block - it's a small area of perhaps nine blocks in a square. There are three locations where it is most frequent and a total of about six (but these three are frequently used, eg near heavily-used chests). Generally the last two or three actions are not recorded (eg placing three items in two chests immediately before) but this is also hard to be precise about – pausing for a second seems to allow saving.

      The only factor I can isolate fairly reliably is the device. I have tried turning on/off split controls, bobbing and reduced render distance. Because it's intermittent, I am only 99% sure it's the device rather than eg the map being corrupt but will continue to try to crash it on the mini to update this report.

      The map will run smoothly for lengthy periods (eg 40 minutes) in new territories or away from built structures. It will crash within about ten minutes in heavily-developed areas (inside buildings or around herds of cows).

      The same crash was happening on the last version of 13 but I only got the iPad Pro very recently. If crash logs are retrievable via iTunes or iMazing, and you can tell me how to find them, I can send them.




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