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Cave Generation Is Broken in Caves&Cliffs Update Part II Experimental Feature & In Beta



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      Hi Mojang, Mega Spud & David Fries! I am have been reporting this bug for months that cave generation is broken and it is really important bug because caves do not have cave entrance and all the caves are full of water means everywhere is aquifers. So how this bug created in Minecraft. This bug was created when first time in beta world height was increased form upwards and downwards too then this bug was still after the mountains were added this bug was still not resolved, after the new cave generation come but still not resolved means that that world height is causing caves to be broken and now C&C Update Experimental Feature Gameplay II come in latest stable version of Minecraft and now cave generation is broken more lush cave do not generate properly and they do not have azalea tree in the land or grass of the overworld, dripstone cave do generate properly, also all the cave are full of aquifers and normal open cave generation is more then less in the overworld now and aquifers cover all the caves. This means you all have to resolve this bug and i will not going to provide any attachments because i want you all to test C&C Update Experimental Feature Gameplay II in survival and notice all this stuffs i have say and play the C&C Update Experimental Feature Gameplay II in survival for one week or two week. Then you will understand how this bug causing the cave generation to be broken.


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