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      When you place a light block in Java, it works similarly to the barrier in the sense that the block is visible when you hold a light block and can be broken when holding a light block. When holding a light block, you can also adjust the levels of other light blocks. This is unlike Bedrock. In Bedrock, the block is always invisible even when holding a light block. Even when holding a light block, it has no hit box so you can’t change the level or even destroy the light block without placing another block in the same spot, thus overwriting the light block. This makes it much less user friendly and more inconvenient than Java. I would like to see the Java mechanics for this block come to Bedrock.


      I acknowledge that there’s some rule about pre 1.14 parity issues being feature requests and not bugs. However, I would like to point out that this block was added in Java 1.17, which is past 1.14. I feel this makes this parity issue a bug, not feature request.



      (ps. When trying to post this, the drop down for affected version didn’t work.)

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