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Zombie-like mobs use a terrible gigantic incomplete shareable component now


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      The issue

      In today's beta, zombies, husks, drowned, and zombie villagers were changed to use this absolute abomination of a shareable component. It's 1400 lines long and literally just lists as many items as possible. Here it is: https://pastebin.com/L45NB0zB

      This is extremely unmaintainable and has the following issues:

      • Impossible for packs to add/remove items without entirely overriding four separate entities
      • Any new items added to vanilla or custom items will be excluded
      • It doesn't even include all of the items in the game, it misses totally random ones like
        • boats
        • spawn eggs
        • axolotl/powder snow buckets
        • splash potions (even though normal and lingering potions are included)
        • cooked beef, leather horse armor, shields, snowballs, regular spider eyes, spyglasses, snowballs, string, sugar, totems, tropical fish, warped fungus on a stick, wheat, wheat seeds
        • all blocks (except for carved pumpkins, conduits, item frames, trapdoors, and doors which are included)
      • goat_horn doesn't even use the minecraft namespace for some reason
      • All of these items are using the old legacy IDs that should have been phased out
      • These entity files are now literally more than 80% a single ridiculously huge component

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