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No cure button is displayed when zombie villager is given weakness then golden apple


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    • 0.14.0, 0.14.1, 0.15.0 Realms Alpha build 1, 0.15.0 Realms Alpha build 2, 0.14.2, 0.14.3, 0.15.0 Beta build 1, 0.15.0, 0.15.1 Beta 1, 0.15.1, 0.15.2, 0.15.3, 0.15.4, 0.15.6,, 0.15.10,, 0.16.0, 0.16.1,, 0.16.2
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      I searched the internet about curing zombie villagers. I splash them weakness, but the golden normal apple just attacks them!(i click them) Am I right on the steps? Is anything I did wrong?

      Steps to reproduce

      • Find a zombie villager or convert a villager into a zombie villager.
      • Splash zombie villager with weakness potion.

      Observe that no "Cure" button is displayed while holding a golden apple in your hand over the zombie villager. Instead of being able to cure the zombie villager you just accidentally hit them with the golden apple instead.

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