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Dying Upon Leaving the End Portal


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      I entered the End to search for Elytra, and this was my first time entering the End since the Caves and Cliffs update was released on consoles. After exploring an End City I returned to the Ender Dragon area to leave. As I jumped into the End Portal I spawned back into the overworld with all my equipment lost and the UI telling me I died. I was confused and attempted to respawn, but when I clicked respawn the UI stated it was generating the world once again, despite the screen still stuck on my character standing in the overworld. I was softlocked at this point as the generation never finished and I had to quit the application and load it again. My items weren't around in the overworld so I re-entered the End to check for the items and couldn't find anything. I prepared to leave the End again and died once more. I died to this same occurrence a total of three times, the second time didn't ask me to respawn or return to title screen, it automatically revived me with the death recap that I "fell from a high place." A screenshot wouldn't properly convey the issue, but I did use the DualShock 4 Share function to post a video of the glitch: https://youtu.be/T10O-PFHuh4

            Adeios_Guardian Anthony Greene
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